BioCap at Geovation's Spring Showcase 2021

BioCap presented at the annual Ordnance Surveys Geovation Accelerator Programme Showcase event in March 2021. This was the culmination of the six months spent working with the team from OS (Special thanks to Valentina Podda for keeping us all on track) to get our mapping technology up and running and to develop a business model for BioCap.

We have worked up our “Opportunity Map” for West Berkshire, our pilot project area, that details where we could use Nature to capture and store carbon and improve the biodiversity in West Berkshires countryside. Ed Cooper (CEO) is now working on the development of a local market place for carbon and biodiversity funds that will help farmers and landowners to create new habitats, regenerate soils and generally start to reverse the decline of our countryside.

BioCap is seeking partners and collaborators to work with us to raise funds and take the concept of linking local people and businesses with local landowners to bring about environmental change at scale.

Please watch the showcase event below;

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We are an action orientated organisation addressing the Biodiversity and Climate crises through community led, landscape ecosystem restoration and carbon capture.

BioCap will develop "Opportunity Maps", of a regions countryside, that will provide a vision of where nature based activity, such as establishing trees, can be used to offset carbon and improve wildlife habitat.

Our aim is to engage a local community through practical work, biodiversity enhancements and carbon offsetting to bring about the positive changes in the Opportunity Map.  We believe this local approach to global issues will engage people and make positive action relevant and meaningful.


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