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Sulham Woodmeadows

We are transform the landscape in West Berkshire into a haven for wildlife through the restoration of native habitats. 

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Drivers of Change

Biodiversity Loss

20% + of wildlife lost, soils degradation, water quality issues, - Gov Nat Cap Committee balanced approach needed.​

Biodiversity Net Gain

Environment Act 10% net gain requirement or better​

Climate Change

Net zero by 2030, Agriculture carbon neutral (UK emissions 10%)​

Nature Based Solutions

Gov CCC, 30,000ha of new trees, 30% of land protected by 2030, Nutrient Neutrality Zones and more to come


Leaving CAP, ELMS​

Overview of Sulham


Habitat + Species

Land Use

Core Principals

Restore Native Habitat

Public Access

Key Outcomes of the Project

Flood Management

Improved Wildlife

Carbon Capture

Sulham Woodmeadows Project

We are collaborating with Sulham Estate in West Berkshire for a habitat restoration project across 130ha of former arable farmland. This is creating a significant number of Biodiversity units for sale.

This work will transform the existing cropland into a mosaic of biodiverse habitats. By providing a regional offering of high quality BNG units the estate has begun a transformation that not only creates habitat but also wider community engagement opportunities for local schools and community groups.


Further benefits include a significant contribution to soil health, air quality and carbon sequestration in a strategically important area to the west of Reading. The site will remain ‘farmed’ with grazing livestock and haymaking. The design and management of the scheme is sympathetic to the wider landscape of the AONB.

Sulham Stoneham Map

Our current plan of Stoneham's
*This could be subject to change* 

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