BioCap was set up in 2020 to provide an action orientated, fully scaleable, response to the global issues of biodiversity loss and climate change. The UK Government’s Climate Change Committee and Natural Capital Committees both recognise that Nature-Based Solutions (such as tree planting, enhancing biodiversity, rewilding, etc.) have a significant part to play in our individual and collective responses to these urgent global issues.

BioCap’s mission is to provide a data driven map of what to do where across the farmed countryside, providing a landscape-level series of locations and habitats where nature-based solutions can be delivered. We are part of the Ordnance Surveys Geovation Accelerator Programme and have put together our first draft “Opportunity Map” from publicly available GIS and other mapping data.

To hear more from our Founder, Ed Cooper, you can watch our introductory video from the 2020 Geovation Accelerator Programme: https://www.biocap.org.uk/post/biocap-at-geovation-s-spring-showcase-2021

Founder and Director

Ed Cooper

Ed started BioCap wanting to provide a robust locally relevant approach to the management of our Natural Environment and mitigation of Biodiversity decline and climate change.

Having previously worked on various local projects including the Pang and Kennet Valley Countryside projects and restoring Greenham airbase, Ed is passionate and knowledgable enough to want to make a real difference through the use of nature at a landscape scale.


Communications Officer

Adam Albin

Communications Officer

Caitlin Leatham

Trainee GIS Technician and Analyst

Nicolien Van Zwieten


BioCap will work with land managers to develop projects that offset carbon emissions and enhance biodiversity

Driven initially through piloting local interventions and local investments in Natural Capital across West Berkshire, BioCap would be able to replicate its model and programmes across other local authorities and wider regions of the UK and across other landscapes. We are currently working with several West Berkshire landowners, using a variety of data sources, to identify and work up practical projects that have the potential to capture carbon and enhance biodiversity across West Berkshire. 


Our technology partner, IMGeospatial, is working with us to explore the use of AI/ML to identify and measure initial baseline data and then to monitor changes and progress of carbon capture, increase in biodiversity, etc. within these sites and across the West Berkshire landscape using a range of data sets.  The long term goal would be to automate the mapping work and where mapped data does not exist to replace this with satellite data and AI/ML to identify habitats and opportunities.  This would allow the work to progress at a global scale.

Having proved the concept and the ‘Opportunity Map’ we then propose to develop a Local Marketplace which links landowners and projects to local businesses or individuals wishing to offset their carbon footprints or contribute to biodiversity net gain.  This Market place will; enable the delivery of local environmental/climate emergency plans/strategies, develop landowner/community links, increase awareness of the issues, provide residents and businesses with a way of meaningfully responding to global issues and reward the landowners that adopt good environmental practice.

We believe that the Local Marketplace approach assists with verification and monitoring at all levels and creates ownership of the natural solutions and interventions at a local level.    

Our aim is to develop the intelligent use of data, technology and a business model that can be scaled across the UK and further afield.   



We are developing a carbon marketplace which will allow individuals to offset their emissions by purchasing carbon credits. The funds raised through the marketplace will be allocated to local rewilding projects that will restore the natural biodiversity of the countryside.

The average resident of West Berkshire emits 5.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per annum, and we hope to create enough carbon capture projects within the county to become carbon neutral.


As we grow, our projects will be able to offset the carbon emissions from businesses and organizations. We hope to forge links with businesses that are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and reversing the negative impact of their daily activity. 

BioCap partner businesses will have the option to join the local carbon marketplace and engage their employees and customers in meaningful local activity that will enhance our environment.


The UK's new Environmental Land Management scheme has made it more financial viable for landowners to dedicate areas for rewilding projects to help the climate crisis. Our Opportunity Map uses evidence based mapping to locate the optimal areas for these projects.


By collaborating with landowners and local councils we can build a land management plan that will benefit everyone. Local people will be able to fund these projects through our carbon marketplace and landowners will cultivate areas that are rich in biodiversity and adept at capturing carbon.


BioCap believes in partnership and collaboration but at the same time is seeking real outcomes that are deliverable in a time frame commensurate with dealing with a crisis!


BioCaps panel of experts are already working on the individual aspects encompassed in the mapping to open the door to significant change for the better in our wider countryside.


BioCap wants to develop an open data model that avoids duplication and provides clear open information.  The Opportunity Map aims to provide the means by which all involved can be accountable for the end results achieved.  Across the UK, anyone will be able to act locally and have a global impact.



Our initial mapping and projects are being developed to contribute towards the goal of making West Berkshire carbon neutral. We hope that our methodology and results in West Berkshire will help us to openly cooperate with other regions to get the UK's countryside back as a haven for wildlife, a place for well being and a positive contributor to carbon capture


BioCap have joined the West Berkshire Climate Action Network to create community led action that will make a significant contribution to reversing climate change and biodiversity loss.

We can create a happy future and healthy planet and BioCap believes that positive action in our own local countryside is the first step to rebuild our connection with nature and spread the message that acting locally really can have a global impact.