BioCap is a company Ltd by Guarantee and a registered charity  addressing the Biodiversity and Climate crises through community led landscape ecosystem restoration and carbon capture.   We are developing a regional Opportunity Map that will authoritatively define how we can capture carbon and also help our wildlife by carrying out nature based work in our countryside, such as establishing trees.  As part of this we are working with partners to develop software and mapping techniques that will help land managers to make decisions on what to do and where in the UK's countryside.

The Opportunity Map then becomes a regions plan for the countryside and can be used to identify opportunities to offset businesses and individuals carbon emissions and improve biodiversity.  A local community can then get involved in the practical aspects of increasing the number of trees and improving our countryside for wildlife.

Founder and Director

Ed Cooper

Ed started BioCap wanting to provide a robust locally relevant approach to the management of our Natural Environment and mitigation of Biodiversity decline and climate change.

Having previously worked on various local projects including the Pang and Kennet Valley Countryside projects and restoring Greenham airbase, Ed is passionate and knowledgable enough to want to make a real difference through the use of nature at a landscape scale.


Communications + Development Coordinator

Adam Albin

Marketing Coordinator

Caitlin Leatham

Trainee GIS Technician and Analyst

Nicolien Van Zwieten


BioCap will work with land managers to develop projects that offset carbon emissions and enhance biodiversity

Our main priority at the moment is to develop an interactive map, the Opportunity Map, and a set of tools and mapping techniques that enable BioCap to replicate the map development across the UK. 

The Opportunity Map for West Berkshire will provide a vision for the region that shows how nature can be used to capture carbon and increase our countryside's wildlife.  The Opportunity Map will be continually developed by land owners and managers, local councils and the community to create a clearer picture of our countryside. We are starting the initiative in West Berkshire with the hope of growing across the UK and beyond over the coming years.

The Opportunity Map will provide a vision showing where we might choose to; grow trees, improve habitats, create wetlands and restore eco-systems.  The proactive management of our countryside can play a significant role to help us capture carbon and combat global warming whilst at the same time improving wildlife habitat.  The adoption of the Opportunity Map and the subsequent actions to establish trees etc. will provide a way in which the individuals in a community can take action to slow climate change and enhance biodiversity.  BioCap is seeking to show how local community action can make a global impact.

We hope to bring local communities together with a shared interest to get back in touch with nature and rewild the planet. As we improve the biodiversity of our countryside, populations of local flora and fauna will return bringing beauty and colour back to our world.

Throughout our journey, BioCap will provide educational resources such as online lectures with leading experts in the field.  These talks are currently taking place so please join us on Facebook to be notified when our next one is. You can learn more about carbon capturing at home from our Get Involved page as well as in our future mailing list. 



In the coming months we will be providing a subscription based service to offset your individual carbon emissions by establishing trees in your local area. This means that the harmful carbon produced during your day to day activities is captured over time as our projects mature and grow.

The average resident of West Berkshire emits 5.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per annum.  As part of your membership BioCap will offset this by establishing native broad leaved trees that during their growth to maturity capture enough carbon to offset this years carbon.


As we grow, our projects will be able to offset the carbon emissions from businesses and organizations. We hope to forge links with businesses that are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and reversing the negative impact of their daily activity. 

BioCap partner businesses will have the option to sponsor local projects and engage their employees and customers in meaningful local activity that will enhance our environment.


The BioCap Opportunity Map is the starting point for discussions with landowners and land managers to consider what can be done on their land.  We are already working in partnership with Englefield and Wasing Estates and want to further engage with landowners to develop a toolset and methodology where we can assist them to make sense of the new emerging agricultural post brexit regime.

BioCap believes that the concept of public money for public goods is a sound principle but that to do this properly and coherently a mapped plan of a region is needed - The Opportunity Map. This map then works as the starting point for discussions and is a live management tool that evolves as work is confirmed and land use decisions are made.


BioCap believes in partnership and collaboration but at the same time is seeking real outcomes that are deliverable in a time frame commensurate with dealing with a crisis!


BioCaps panel of experts are already working on the individual aspects encompassed in the mapping to open the door to significant change for the better in our wider countryside.


BioCap wants to develop an open data model that avoids duplication and provides clear open information.  The Opportunity Map aims to provide the means by which all involved can be accountable for the end results achieved.  Across the UK, anyone will be able to act locally and have a global impact.



Our initial mapping and projects are being developed to contribute towards the goal of making West Berkshire carbon neutral. We hope that our methodology and results in West Berkshire will help us to openly cooperate with other regions to get the UK's countryside back as a haven for wildlife, a place for well being and a positive contributor to carbon capture


BioCap needs a local community (individuals, land managers, businesses, Local Gov and agencies) to adopt/agree to implement the Opportunity Map.  With this remit we can achieve a great deal in our wider countryside and our local action can make a significant contribution to reversing climate change and biodiversity loss.

We collectively need to get to the point where we genuinely believe we can create a happy future and healthy planet.  BioCap believes that positive action in our own local countryside is the first step to rebuild our connection with nature and spread the message that acting locally really can have a global impact.