Nature based interventions to capture carbon - What are they? with Dr. Mike Morecroft - RECAP

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

This post is a recap of a MeetUp we had with Dr. Mike Morecroft, Principal Specialist, Climate Change at Natural England, and Local resident. He spent some time exploring the opportunity to use Nature Based Interventions to offset carbon emissions and, if done well, improve biodiversity.

The Government’s Natural Capital Committee has called for this approach and suggest locally managed and delivered projects might be a way forward. But what are these interventions and what do they mean for us in West Berkshire?

Dr Morecroft delivered an insightful and intriguing lecture regarding the above subjects. Firstly he laid out what exactly Natural England do - to protect species and habitats, manage Nature Reserves and ensure access to nature among others are their main responsibilities. We then discussed the trends in global temperature, the carbon cycle and current trends in greenhouse emissions.

Following this, Dr Morecroft went on to explore the various nature based solutions to capturing carbon such as farming trees, restoring peatlands and promoting seagrass production. We finished with Ed Cooper giving a brief overview of BioCap, who we are and what the plans are for the future in tackling the issues that Dr Morecroft has talked about.

Attached are the slides provided for by Dr Mike Morecroft

MM presentation to West Berks Environmen
Download • 4.46MB

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