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See our latest vacancies to join the BioCap team. 

Project Manager

Are you an environmental innovator keen to play a role in shaping nature recovery in our countryside, reversing biodiversity loss and mitigating climate change? This role will play a key part in meeting these aims through the development of natural solutions based projects and the development of a regional approach to the sale and purchase of Natural Capital.


This role will help shape the way West Berkshire manages and deals with the emerging Natural Capital agenda. You will be working with conservation agencies, landowners and communities to strategically set the agenda and pioneer a regional approach to the use of natural solutions, habitat creation and changes to farming practice.


BioCap, Sulham Estate and the Woodmeadow Trust are partnering to employ and train a project manager who will lead this work across West Berkshire. The partners have funding for a full time role but the right candidate is key, and we welcome part-time applicants.

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